Curta 3D Printing source files released

This is just a quick post to say that I have released a BOM and the STL files to allow you to print your own Curta! I also made the CAD source publicly available in OnShape in case you are interested in those.

I have not yet released build instructions which are pretty vital to a complete solution to building your own Curta. Those were taking a significant amount of time and are not near done yet so I decided to go ahead and release the files for those intrepid among you who wish to make a go at it anyway.

The BOM includes a list of tools and non-printed parts as well in case you want to pad your Christmas list.

I also want to thank my wife, Adam Savage , The Charlotte Maker Faire , /r/3DPrinting , and the thingiverse community for inspiration and support along the way.

Look forward to one more part to my build as I finish and paint the Curta!

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